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Thursday, January 16, 2003
Posted by shadowy duck.
From: byronwors

Haven't watched Buffy yet, can you believe that? Did you see the NY Times article about Spike on Sunday? I just skimmed it. Made it kinda sound like maybe Buffy isn't over - even if Sarah Michelle Geller doesn't renew her contract. You know what I think will happen though, one of those slayer-to-be's, the more "mature" dark-haired one will have to kill Buffy to restore the order/balance whatever since it's b/c of Buffy's not-so-alive-ness that's destabilized the world and making it possible for pure evil to happen. Can't wait for that to happen. That will be pretty cool.

[A Vampire With Soul, and Cheekbones]: I totally missed this article when it came out earlier this week. Luckily, people tell me about these things.

As Marsters notes, Buffy is a very moral universe. I hadn't thought about how that would mean the "balance" must be restored between Slayer-good and First Evil. I guess I've been overly-optimistic about Buffy as a vehicle for the critique of the good-evil dichtomoy. Sigh. Can I help write the last few episodes of Buffy? Well, aside from the fact that they're probably written and filmed by now.


Wednesday, January 08, 2003
Posted by shadowy duck.
[Kennedy] rocks. I will be so unhappy if they kill her, though given the history of Buffy, she will probably die in an act of ultimate sacrifice. She should become the next slayer, though. Buffy is so not living through this season.

And I can't believe I didn't know that the third season dvd set was out already. Eek! I should've asked for that for my birthday. :)


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