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Saturday, December 21, 2002
Posted by shadowy duck.
To: byronwors
Subject: Re: Geez Louise

Yup, the only thing that makes a little more pessimistic is the sentimental turn that Spike has taken. I mean, the whole, "She's the one who believes in me," stuff makes me think the show is becoming this trite story of love as redemption. I mean, I guess that wouldn't be so bad in itself, but there are so many ways for such a theme to go wrong. Like _The Fifth Element_. Gargh.


At 12:33 PM Saturday 12/21/02, you wrote:
Oh goody, I'm so relieved to hear your theories about Buffy. It totally
makes sense. I guess that evil has always been undermined in some way or
another - usually in everyone around her, but never Buffy. I guess the theme
has come up a lot over the years. That would be a really good way to end
Buffy, actually.


Friday, December 20, 2002
Posted by shadowy duck.
Ok, I've totally neglected writing about Buffy all season so far. I've had things to say, but the semester kind of ran away with me. Now it's over, though. Here are some quick thoughts about the latest episode I sent byronwors in response to his e-mail:

To: byronwors
Subject: Re: Geez Louise

Yup and yup and yup. Saw Buffy, definitely can't believe Buffy's speech, but I think it's all going to build up to a realization about the whole good-evil thing, and I think Giles is the First, too. The Buffy speech was totally like W and I think intentionally this final season is going to be a critique of the whole us-vs.-them, we're goody-goody and we fight the baddies kind of thing. At least I hope. Remember the parts where the mom said things like evil is everywhere and in all of us? And it's supposed to be ominous? Well I think this season's revelation is that she's right, not in a scary way, but in the way that brings an end to the Buffy universe. And then there's Willow who was like, the evil is still in me don't make me kill anyone! So I think the show is definitely going to end on that note of dismantling the whole human-good, demon-bad, moral universe thing. Maybe they'll also take up the insane asylum thing again. That Buffy has been crazy this whole time. I dunno.

Oh, and with Giles, I definitely think he's the First or some other aspect of the First because they haven't explained how he escaped the ax. He could also be some other primal force (the First good?), but I think it's going to be that he's also the First, and it's about the conflicts of these kinds of forces within themselves (the First isn't really pure evil?). Remember how in the first episode of the season the First, in the form of Buffy (notice how the First takes the form of Buffy, she's died before?), said it's all about "power"?

Do you think I'm being too optimistic? But it is Joss Whedon after all...

I've missed Firefly the last couple of weeks. :( I just woke up today after a five-hour nap this afternoon.


At 12:51 PM Friday 12/20/02, you wrote:

So! What did you think of Buffy this week? I saw it on tivo Wednesday. I
can't believe Buffy's speech at the end - straight from Dubya about
declaring war and bringing it onto the evil itself.... I think that I'm
losing my patience for Buffy. She's yucky. Maybe she'll finally die this
season. I still like Drusilla and Spike though. I like Willow too. Oh yeah,
B thinks that Giles is the First - since that last time, they showed him
about to be killed...


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