Signs are still wonderful things. This is a photo collection from July 19-20, 2003, in Washington, DC, and just outside the city. There was no concerted effort to find unique, funny, or exciting signs. These are merely the signs that signalled to us along our path. Most of these signs line Massachusetts Avenue as it stretches from around K Street to Dupont Circle. Night shots are pretty much from a one-block radius around 17th Street and R Street.
    Instructions for museum use.

A sign inside the Hirshhorn Museum. Discreetly placed beside the information booth. (19.07.03)

    No reclining.

A sign in the middle of the large benches inside Union Station. When we first sat down on the bench, a young man was sprawled out dead center, covering the sign. (19.07.03)

    12' 6" tree.

I often wonder how tall sidewalk trees are. Imagine my delight when I came across this tree, thoughtfully labeled, as if in an arboretum, with its height. ;) (19.07.03)

    Snow emergency route.

It's rather refreshing to see a wintry sign in mid-summer. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... (19.07.03)

    Just don't park here.

I swear DC has the wordiest signs and a tendency to stack signs like a bewildering Tower of Babel. When last we were in DC, we had the misfortune of parking on a street with a similar set of signs. Except one of the signs was missing. So we thought we could park there until 9:30 am. Unfortunately, though the sign we read said no parking 9:30-4, there was also another sign indicating no standing or parking from 7-9:30. So we got a $100 parking ticket. Grrr. (19.07.03)

    No left turn.

The sign of death when you're trying to get somewhere left-ish in a city. (19.07.03)

    Stop sign.

Nothing uncommon about this sign. Just take a moment to stop. Relax. Breathe. Ok. Go. (19.07.03)

    Scott Circle Ahead.

Whoever designed the circles on DC streets should be shot. Whenever you require maps on street signs to explain the traffic pattern, you have a bit of a problem. (19.07.03)

    End construction.

It would be truly wondrous to see more of these signs at home. Construction is running rampant!! (19.07.03)

    Hard hat area.

I should carry a hard hat with me whenever I wander city streets. That way I can wander into hard hat areas at will. I love the happy little arrow indicating bouncing off the hat in the drawing. Notice, too, the resourceful use of a bucket to hold up the sign. (19.07.03)

Vacancy signs make me want to move in. (19.07.03)

    When children present, run.

Like anyone would actually drive at 15 mph. Maybe children should learn how to stay out of the way of speeding traffic. (19.07.03)

    Pick up, drop off.

Downtown-ish, where we stayed, was a world of hotels and pick up/drop off only areas. (19.07.03)

    Massachusetts Avenue.

It felt like we walked up and down this one stretch of Massachusetts Avenue about three billion times over the weekend. At least the weather was bearable -- not too hot, not too humid (at least for mid-July). (19.07.03)


P St. I hope someday to live on this street. Because if I had to choose a letter that embodies me, it would be P. (Mostly because it's my first initial.) (19.07.03)

    North 29, right.

A black sign! I don't know if I've ever seen another black sign with white lettering. I guess numbered highways are often on black signs? (19.07.03)

    No thru trucks.

No thru trucks over 1-1/4 ton capacity. What if the trucks want to stop in the middle somewhere? Truck drivers are like dieters -- they must constantly weigh their trucks. (19.07.03)

    Downtown thataway.

Go downtown, young man. (19.07.03)

    No thru trucks, no buses.

It's like they're yelling at the buses with the larger font. (19.07.03)

    Diplomats only.

Is it true that vehicles with diplomatic plates can basically park wherever? (19.07.03)

    Deaf child.

Don't honk. It won't do any good. But seriously, isn't it odd that a child has a sign? Perhaps there is a deaf child (children?) at the school nearby? (19.07.03)

    Ross School children garden.

Garden cared for by children. Do not litter. Curb your dog. A rather odd collection of statements (prohibitions and commands). (19.07.03)

    Scoop poop.

This sign is great! "Scoop your pet's poop," the words say. But then the picture shows a poor doggy wielding a scoop. So are you supposed to train your dog to scoop his/her own poop? Or maybe since the words refer to "your pet's poop," the you is actually the dog, and the pet the human attached to the other end of the leash? (19.07.03)

    No large trucks or busses allowed. Thank you.

Nothing extraordinary about this sign by a small gas station. (No way a bus or truck could get into the driveway anyways.) But the sign's grey with yellow lettering. (And I prefer the other plural spelling, "buses.") (20.07.03)

    Weigh station.

I used to wonder what weigh stations were as I peered out the back seat window of my parents' station wagon on road trips... (20.07.03)

    Manassas and Dumfries.

Ha ha ha. Sorry for the juvenile humor. But really, this is just the most unfortunate pairing of names. Yes, please, I would like an order of man asses and dumb fries.... (20.07.03)

Created 20.07.03.
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