Signs are wonderful things. They tell us what to do, or more often, what not to do. They direct us. They correct us. They tell us where we are. They tell us where we want to be. This is a photo project from the end of December 2002 while I was in San Francisco. I wanted to search out street signs. Unique signs. Common signs. Signs very specific to their locations. Signs that could be anywhere.
    Yellow wall, duck, grey pole.

Off the N-line of the MUNI light rail vechile system. Not really a sign of the type I'm exploring here. But a sign nonetheless. (27.12.02)

    Seniors crossing.

A picture I took before I officially started this project as such. Somewhere around North Beach/Chinatown in San Francisco just off the Powell St.-Ghiradelli Square cable car line. If you look closely, you can see a cable car in the lower left-hand corner. (27.12.02)

    No volleyball?

The sign that started me on this photo project. Unfortunately, I have yet to find anything as specific as this one I saw out along the Marina area. (27.12.02)

    Hot coals here.

Dusk. Crissy Fields. Walking towards the base of Golden Gate Bridge. Wished I had some hot coals then. (27.12.02)

    Rip currents.

Stormy day at the Pacific Coast. Even with the umbrella, we were getting wet. Big waves dancing along the beach. (28.12.02)

    Alcohol, glass, pets, surf.

A winning combination, for sure. Also out along the coast by the beach on the stormy day. (28.12.02)

    Muir Woods.

A trail leading up. Ocean View Trail. Ocean view obscured by trees. It's like those labels on containers of pitted olives: May contain pits. And no, it's not your eyes. I just have trouble holding my hands steady, and I generally dislike flash pictures. (29.12.02)

    Keep creek clean.

Help keep Muir Woods and its creek clean. I love the sound of running water. (29.12.02)

    Moving panels.

On MUNI's light rail vehicle. It's like two train cars attached with a rotating midsection to allow turns on city streets. (29.12.02)
    No spray paint, no markers.

Prominent sign on the LRV. Guess graffiti is a problem. (29.12.02)

    Syphilis awareness ad.

Ok, so this one isn't really a street sign or warning sign of some sort. But it's funny. Check out the ad campaign for more. It's a walking penis. (29.12.02)

    Don't feed the pigeons.

Seriously. They get crazy and flock around you if you give them some crumbs. I was almost attacked by a one-legged pigeon because Rob fed it some of his pretzel. This sign was outside the Safeway at Market and Church. (29.12.02)

    Keep off raised track way.

The electric public transportation in San Francisco is great. It makes some of the roads a bit wonky, though, with slightly raised sections in the middle for the LRVs. (29.12.02)

    Telegraph Avenue.

The (in)famous street in Berkeley. It was quiet the day we were there. UC Berkeley students were on break, and it was also that dead-zone between Christmas Day and New Year's Day. Notice the sticker attached. (30.12.02)

    Tour buses prohibited.

It would suck driving a tour bus around San Francisco. I saw these signs everywhere. They must have special maps for tour buses that show which roads are open to them. (30.12.02)

    No parking.

Standard sign. I liked this one because it was so faded. (31.12.02)

    Prevent runaways, faded.

Nice and faded. A side street just off Cole near Haight. Constant reminders along all the steep streets to turn your wheels to the curb when you park. Stop those runaway cars! (31.12.02)

    Prevent runaways, clear.

A clearer version just down the street. Surrounded by cool trees. (31.12.02)

    No pedestrians.

Another standard sign. I was beginning to feel frustrated since I couldn't find signs as specific, unique, and quirky as the volleyball sign. (31.12.02)

    Paid area.

MUNI buses and LRVs seem fairly laid back about fares. You can just get on the bus without paying the driver if you have a monthly pass. But you don't even have to show the driver the pass. Supposedly there are enforcers who travel around asking riders to show proof of passage. (31.12.02)

    Tour bus parking.

There is some vindication for tour buses, I guess. Most tourist spots have special parking spaces for the gargantuan vehicles. (01.01.03)

    No passing.

I liked this pictoral sign. Again, it's a sign for the LRVs as they run above-ground on the city streets. (01.01.03)

    Do not feed the bison.

We visited the bison in Golden Gate Park. Who knew there were bison in the park? Unfortunately, they were in their pens so we couldn't see them very well. Remember to keep your dogs leashed. Some poor pup must once have been trampled by bison. (01.01.03)

    Cliff and surf area.

I love the Pacific Coast where it's rocky. If it's the pacific ocean, why is it so turbulent? (01.01.03)

    Keep on this side of wall.

Rob wanted to climb on the rocks, but Carlos told him it might not be a great idea. Then we came across this sign. (01.01.03)

    Oakland Airport lights.

An apology for the dimness of the curb area outside the airport terminal. (01.01.03)

    Restricted area.

The sign on closed airport gate doors. (01.01.03)

    Pinch point.

Bag claim conveyer belts carry many warning signs. It would suck to be the person depicted on the sign. Ah, arm massage. (02.01.03)

    Keep off.

They really mean it. (02.01.03)

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