I’m having yummy lentils and rice for dinner. I like making this dish — lentils cooked in vegetable bouillon with coarsely chopped onion, smashed cloves of garlic, and meatless kielbasa. Tasty and easy to prepare. I’m also having some cranberry soda. I love cranberry soda and wish it weren’t considered a seasonal drink by most manufacturers.

I’ve also been doing some YouTube sleuthing for songs I heard James Blunt cover at his concert a few weeks back. I didn’t know the names or artists of either song, but through a search of live James Blunt videos, I was able to find his covers of “Where Is My Mind” and “Breakfast in America” (I love how he bounces his leg while he sings and plays the piano!). And once I located those, I was able to find the original versions by Pixies and Supertramp, respectively. I had heard Supertramp’s song on the radio sometime this week and recognized it from James Blunt’s concert but still didn’t catch a song title or artist name. Mr. Frog had recognized the song during the concert but couldn’t remember the title or band name. Just now, as I was looking for the song, I asked him again if he had remembered the “la la la la song” name. He thought a bit and said to look for “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” or “Coming to America.” He was this close. I wish I weren’t so culturally illiterate regarding music from the 1970s and 1980s. Mr. Frog always recognizes things that I’ve never heard before.


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