My brother pretends to be afraid of Giles, but he’s flown out to visit him THREE times in the past year. And how many times did he fly out to visit me the ten years I’ve lived away from California before? ONCE! He totally likes Giles but won’t admit it. As you can imagine, Giles loves him without bashfulness.

4 thoughts on “VISITING HOURS”

  1. I know! Maybe he sees a little of himself in Giles, i.e. likes to follow people around. :)

    DId he freeze when he arrived? I guess he didn’t get much sleep on the red eye.

  2. So funny. He did buy Giles that lovely red hoodie, too. I’d say there’s some deep affection there, though Giles is much more open about it. Maybe, in time…

    P.S. Breaking out the antler accessories this year?

  3. zo — hee hee, yes it is cool that ear actually likes giles. ear does think it’s really cold here.

    tara — yup. gotta have giles wear the red hoodie and antlers for pictures.

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