Before dinner last night we watched Underworld: Evolution. It was a fun watch. I totally think there’s a third installment coming out though Mr. Frog is less convinced. There are enough loose ends about the origins of the “immortals” that there could be another story to tie them up. I had forgotten the way the movie world uses “blood memories.” (Mr. Frog insists this plot point was in the first movie.) In essence, vampires, when they take another person/creature’s blood, can also absorb her memories (and later on, it appears they can also absorb her special powers or “hybrid” qualities). It’s not necessarily a unique telling of vampirism but one that is telling in its understanding of social/psychological reproduction. It’s a version of vampirism that is less about the undead qualities of such creatures and more about how we pass along individual, social, cultural, and “human” memories.

Lately, I’ve been thinking of stories that I want to write. I think I might try to compile a collection of short stories written in different pulp genres. My mystery story will be about a criminal who walks his dog around a neighborhood. At a party last week, I was talking to someone about how people perceive the human being walked by a dog as harmless or nice. What if a dog walker were instead a ruthless killer or a wily robber? My horror story will be about a group of college professors who realize a few weeks into the semester that their students are all zombies back from the dead. Obviously this is because I think my students are all mindless zombies. And, because the movie I watched recently, They Came Back, raised some cool questions about what it would be like to have non-brain-eating zombies suddenly appear. How would we deal with them? How would we reincorporate them into our lives? What qualities differentiate them from living people? What is their motivation in returning? Another horror story would probably be about vampires just because they are so interesting to consider. And I’d have to have a science fiction story and a fantasy story and a harlequin romance story.

This morning I tried Dunn Brothers Coffee’s soy mocha. It was delicious. Their milk-based drinks all have a strange taste to me — like the milk is slightly off or something. I think from now on I will stick with their soy mocha when I’m in the mood for an espresso drink rather than just brewed coffee. Giles was not too happy with hanging out at the coffee shop yet again. It’s warm enough to sit out back; I subjected the poor puppy to a half hour of not-moving as I had my mocha and read some community newspapers. One article I read was about the difference between the Christian right and left. The author said that the Christian right is more faithful to God because it believes that salvation and charity lie in the realm of individual faith and action. The Christian left, in contrast, relies too much on government to make the world a more just place and therefore relies on the imperfect justice of man (rather than the perfect justice of God). This argument is really troubling but also seems to be exactly the kind of understanding some Christians have that drives them to decry corruption in government as a reflection of innate failings in humans that can only be rectified by praying and being a good Christian.


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