The best response to Lindsay Lohan’s e-mail of sadness I’ve read is by Dr. Crazy who explains why America’s collective laughing at Lohan’s illiteracy masks bigger problems:

And let’s get something straight, America: Lindsay may not be able to spell, or to write in complete sentences, or to have a coherent or logical structure to a piece of writing. But as somebody who teaches writing to students about Lindsay’s age, I’m here to tell you: your kids can’t do those things either! Lindsay’s problem is not that she’s a starlet and that her mother emphasized fame over education, because if that is her problem, America, then how do you explain all of the non-starlets whom I encounter who write in the exact same fashion before I get my hands on them – and sometimes even after I get my hands on them?


  1. Ha. I can think of three off the top of my head. All of those reinforce this idea that Lindsay Lohan is different from people around her age who are not celebrities and suggest that her public life is in some sense the renunciation of a more educated one that would make her more thoughtful.

  2. I’ve only read two others. What I want to know about this writing teacher is why he/she decided to use a comma after the independent clause in a complex sentence.

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