How cold is it? Why, it’s so cold that my face is numb from our morning walk. And it itches, for some reason, but when I scratch it, I can’t feel my face nor relieve the itchiness. That’s how cold it is.

How cold is it? Why, it’s so cold that while I was talking on the phone during the morning walk with Giles, my friend said she could hear how cold it is over the phone. That’s how cold it is.

Time for some extra hot mocha, I think.

2 thoughts on “BRRRR”

  1. Try a scent-free lotion for your skin. With the coldness and heater indoors, your skin is probably getting more dry and sensitive. And you know how it runs in our family. :) Me included, I’m getting the second bout this week as we speak.

  2. I use Origins’s grapefruit moisturizer. It’s yummy semlling. I do have some hypoallergenic, unscented stuff, too. I’m sure I’ll use it more and more as the winter dryness stretches on.

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