I’m totally jonesing for a soy mocha. I’m going to try to keep myself from getting one tonight, though, or else I might have trouble getting to sleep. Plus, those things are expensive at a little over $3 each. Oh, what to drink or eat to take my mind off the mocha? I have some cheapo hot chocolate at home… or maybe some chai… or oolong tea… or cranberry soda….

I’m also pulling together a couple of quick conference paper abstracts. One is for the ALA conference in Boston in May 2007 and the other for the SHARP conference in Minneapolis in July 2007. For the first, I am responding to a call for papers through the Circle for Asian American Literary Studies about Asian subjects in science fiction. I’d like to do a reading of Larissa Lai’s Salt Fish Girl, one of my favorite books, in terms of how she blends mythology/origin narratives with futuristic science fiction narratives. For the second, I want to do a brief overview of small presses that have been important in publishing recent Asian American literary texts (Coffee House Press, Kaya Press, and Kitchen Table Press are some examples). Neither of these topics has much to do with my dissertation or other works-in-progress, though.

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