Picture from June 29, 2013.

I don’t know how time slips by so quickly–no posts since October! We’ve been busy wrangling the two big dogs for sure. Still missing you fiercely and thinking at discrete moments very much about little things you did.

I got a new laptop yesterday, my first in almost 10 years, I think. It’ll be nice to be able to go around town and work on things. I got it in part because I need to start working on this book that I’m cowriting with a friend on Asian Pacific American youth literature. It’s much easier to write and work if I have a choice of places to sit. Being tied down to a desktop–particularly one hidden in the study away from everyone else in the house–can be a drag.

I was a little sad when I chose the desktop picture for the computer.

But then I remembered that I can have the picture rotate, so I also have you with me still.

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