I just lit the last candle in the package for you. It’s been over three months now since your passing.

This past Saturday, I did a 5K walk for the library as a fundraiser for the summer reading program. I did the walk in your memory, and my friends generously donated $870 collectively in support of us. The 5K was in Roseville, and we walked around the park that we had visited once last year on a whim. It was a beautifully sunny day for the walk.

I want to write a book on art/creativity and dogs. I want to bring together drawing, creative thinking, and experiencing the world from dogs’ perspectives. You taught me how to see different things in the everyday world around me, and you showed me ways of being in the world that I never would have known possible like finding such intense pleasure in running through the fields and woods at the dog park.

red rocks
Picture from August 21, 2013.

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