Urgh. It was busy last week, and apparently my immune system couldn’t handle all that was going on. I was dragging Friday through the weekend, and Sunday night, I finally understood I was fighting off a cold or the onset of severe seasonal allergies or something because my throat started hurting. I have some important meetings and webinars today and tomorrow, but I’ll be taking a sick day anyways and just attending those things that would be a pain to reschedule.

Last week, I attended an introductory course on JavaScript, and it was helpful, but I will need to sit down with the language and practice it a lot before I am comfortable doing things with it. I also went to an in-service day at the library where I’m back as a sub. It was wonderful to hear what the system is doing, and everyone was so welcoming in letting me know how happy they were to see me back.

side eye
Picture from December 6, 2015.

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