It’s weird to be out in the world talking to people and not making you pretty much my only topic of conversation. What else am I supposed to talk about? Is anything else worth talking about?

I walked out to the not-too-close restaurant plaza again today (the same one I went to Wednesday night). On the way there, I saw a few dogs out for walks. I love seeing dogs out for walks. It reminds me of you, of course, and how I got to walk with you every day to see the world through your perspective where everything always seemed so exciting even when we did the same walks all the time.

According to my watch, I walked roughly 8.7 miles today. Aside from the round trip to the restaurant, which should be about 3 miles according to online maps, I don’t know how else I managed to rack up almost 6 miles. I did go up and down the stairs on five trips (I’m on the sixth floor)…. I guess that adds up. In any case, since you passed, my activity monitor on my watch has indicated dismally low activity since I no longer walk at least 2 or 3 miles a day with you.

close up
Picture from June 30, 2014.

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