Yesterday was remarkably warm and sunny, and it would’ve been a perfect day to go for a long walk with you.

I may be able to return to the other public library system I was working in last year as a substitute librarian. I spoke with the assistant director yesterday, and she said I can be reinstated contingent on passing the criminal background check again. Hooray! I may get to continue being a librarian after all.

I think I might just be constitutionally unable to be emotionally invested in organizations. I’ll have to watch out for that. But I also am continually baffled at how horrible management can be regarding transparent communications and accountability for decisions. I couldn’t stay in a system that seemed to operate on fear, punitive relationships, and utter disregard for staff.

Today, I’m remembering your corn chip scented feet and the little tufts of fur that stuck out between your toes.

post-hike nap
Picture from July 10, 2015.

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