I lay in the bed this morning listening to Kevin Hearne’s Staked, read by Luke Daniels, and watched the snow falling outside. It’s a light snow, alternating between small flakes and heavier, wetter flakes that fall quickly. There is so far just a coating of snow on the ground, and I think it’ll be a fairly small amount of accumulation.

This would’ve been the perfect kind of snowfall to take a walk in with you. There isn’t much wind, and it wouldn’t be too cold nor would there be too many snowflakes flying into our faces. You were always happier to walk in snowfall than rainfall, and I liked seeing us leave behind us our matching sets of paw prints and boot prints. When there was more snow on the ground, you would have fun leaping through the snow banks.

In our two previous homes, we would watch the snow falling together from the warmth of the apartments. I know I took at least a handful of pictures of us staring out the window together. At our new house, our couch doesn’t have quite the view it did in those apartments. But you still liked to stand on one end and look out the window that abuts the screened-in front porch and out the far window. If we had more time together in this house, it would’ve been nice to spend more time upstairs, where the windows extend lower to your level so that you could more easily look outside. I always liked seeing your little head in the upstairs back window when I left the house for work and other places. I would lock the back door, cross the yard, and then look up and wave goodbye to you as I went out the gate to my car.

snow at the house
Picture from November 30, 2015.

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