I miss your jingling dog tags. I miss your barks. I miss your sighs. I miss the sound of your paws and nails on the hardwood floor. I miss hearing you run to the door when I come home. I miss seeing your little head in the window when I leave the house. I miss feeling the weight of your body against my legs when we cuddle on the couch and when you steal my feet space in bed. I miss your panting face and your give-me-food stares. I miss the way you curled up next to us or on top of us. I miss your curly tail and its various rates of wag–from twitchy to motored to full-on snakey writhings. I miss your hops and jumps and zooms. I miss your constant presence at home, no matter what time of day or where I am–you were always next to me.

watching you

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