I’m visiting my parents in sunny California. So happy to see the sun. It’s been a very gloomy fall/winter in Minnesota. We’ve gone weeks with nary a glimpse of sun.

I’m also cleaning out my childhood bedroom. Things of note so far in my preliminary pass through:

– Elementary school yearbooks are the best!
– Why did I still have my files of college applications? Dare I read my application essays? Sadly, I seem to have moved my Yale application materials elsewhere. That application essay was about why I like ducks!
– I apparently got a lot of souvenirs on my eighth grade trip to Washington,  DC and Philadelphia. Among the assorted pamphlets, commemorative coins, and a giant pencil was a facsimile copy of the Gettysburg address in Lincoln’s handwriting. My sister took it for when get daughter might need to do something in US history class a few years down the road.
– I collected a lot of little toy figurines, pins, and comic books.

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