Blogger was getting on my nerves. I don’t know why it intermittently (but often — usually at some point every day) would refuse to publish posts to my web site. Here’s hoping that WordPress is more stable and consistent. I think since I’m operating software through my server, I won’t have to deal with an outside server’s issues. (Just my own — and I have a pretty stable hosting service.)

It’s a bit sad for me to be leaving Blogger. I’ve been blogging through that web program for the last six years. It was the program that really got me into the groove of things. I had tried a number of other on-line journalling sites before finding one that really stuck. I might return to it at some point in the future if the issues resolve themselves. Who knows. I still need to figure out how to customize WordPress more. I like the more direct use of databases in constructing the blog though I have absolutely no idea how it all works.

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